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Stuck in Philadelphia. 3 hour delay to Mancester NH

on Wed, 05/08/2013 - 22:59

Hi. First blog entry on the new website. I'm stuck in Philadelphia staring at a 3 hour delay to Mancester NH. And a nice local IPA at the bar. It's called Hop Wollop. Thought I'd share a story I read in the US Air in flight magazine. From a book called Here Is Where by Andrew Carroll. During the Civil War, the New Jersey Railroad ran trains through Jersey City and Washington DC. One evening in 1863 or 1864 Robert Todd Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln's son) fell between the train tracks. His quick thnking rescuer was the actor Edwin Booth (John Wilkes Booths brother) Robert and Edwin had never met before and there is no evidence they ever talked since! Edwin's brother of course went on to assassinate Abraham Lincoln the next year. I thought it was a cool story and coincidence. Thanks for reading, Until next time. God bless and safe travels, Ron